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WIT has a long dependable history of providing Government with resilient and robust satellite networks. Our solution offers government the widest broadband reach with a single provider across the remotest locations in the Philippines.

satellite government

The solution is a scalable offering with a range of high speeds and affordable service plans to meet the communications needs of all government agencies, from education to healthcare to emergency services.

In lifesaving weather and seismic government agencies, downtime is the enemy of the mission critical government network. Even a few hours offline can severely impact services to citizens. You need a way to keep mission-critical applications online, and you need to do so at a reasonable price. WIT’s High-Availability Networking combines the best of wireless and wireline technologies to deliver an integrated, fully managed network with unmatched reliability and performance.

With two diverse broadband paths at each site, you can be confident that your mission-critical applications and processes will continue to be available, even if one of your broadband connections is disrupted.

  Satellite Internet and Intranet Broadband Services
  Two completely diverse Gateway Facilities
  Automatic failover to keep agency applications up and running
  Superior network availability up to 99.9+%
  Optimal performance for mission-critical applications

satellite government
Reliable Business Networks Everywhere

Banking and financial networks can never be off line. Business continuity is your first priority. Due to the sensitivity and value of time, these networks must be as robust as technology allows.

Quality of Service must be met whether you are in the central business district or the white beaches of a resort. As the business environment becomes more challenging, your organizations require an infrastructure that will provide greater efficiency and reliability.

satellite banking

Whether it’s expanding into geographically challenged areas and remote offices, increasing reliability and security of critical financial transactions or ensuring the business continuity and disaster recovery in any unexpected hazard, WIT’s satellite networks have become an ideal solution for today's banking infrastructure requirements.

WIT VSAT solutions can enable ATMs, credit card authorization, SAP, Oracle, trading and other financial transactions efficiently during both low volume and peak transmission times through the use of MF-TDMA access schemes. Our platform connects rural institutions into corporate infrastructure, with VoIP, video conferences, digital signage and data links to all offices. Its multicast capabilities are perfect for updating local offices with the latest financial information.

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Urgently need Low or High Satellite bandwidth at a moments notice? WIT’s On-Demand satellite networks can handle data, voice and video traffic on short notice. Because of our high inventory of satellite bandwidth, WIT can seamlessly power your government’s state visit, your company’s product launch, special offsite sports events or even your video podcasts anywhere at below standard market prices and on time.

WIT will provide the equipment necessary to access the satellite with bandwidth of your choice over IP interface. Video headend equipment are also available.

satellite bandwidth

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When you have multiple branches, either located in the Central Business District (CBD) or in remotest areas of the country, your constituents and customers matter. You face the challenge of connecting them. Terestrial telcos may provide only a partial solution, and only in conjunction with other Telcos. With WIT you have Single Point of Contact (SPOC) that covers the entire country, the Aisa Pacific region or anywhere in the 7 Continents. We will also make sure that network availabilty is maintained at 99.98%. You can do away with expensive leased lines and unreliable provincial internet backhauls.

WIT provides turnkey solutions that connects all your locations, wherever they are,with a cost-effective, high-performance secure and private network via satellite. Unlike VPN solutions, WIT private networks are phiysically disconnected from the internet. Service provided is a managed service, saving you valuable time and IT resources. Your enterprise has no time for downtime as your mission-critical applications must be online 24/7.

enterprise satellite

Choosing the right backup solution for your telcos MPLS network is extremely important. WIT's private network delivers true path diversity that only comes with satellite, with 99.98% availability. So even when typhoons floods and earthquakes strikes your mission-critical components stay up and running and your business stay in business.

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WIT currently provides connectivity to more than half of the oil rigs, exploration platforms, Hydro-Generation and natural gas power generaton plants in the country. The importance of network reliability is paramount in todays exploration industry. Maintaing an uptime of more than 99.98% is key to the success of one's enterprise network.

You need a reliable partner that know the terain and the challenges in operating in these environments. Converging voice data and video to facilitate communication is the core competence of WIT network management team. Trust us to help you connect and manage you rigs and plants with a robust fixed satellite network and an emergency handheld satellite broadband terminal in conjuction with you systems.

enterprise satellite

WIT’s satellite solutions are engineered to support a variety of OIL and Gas industry applications; from video surveillance, POS, low and high data rate apps to SCADA and broadband internet. Our advanced compression and zero latency technology will minimize bandwidth on expensive satellite link enabling cost effective transport of voice, data and video.

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WIT's Maritime VSAT service is a high-speed, two-way IP broadband onboard-vessel satellite communications service. With a high bandwidth speed of up to 1Mbps, it has the capability to provide value-added solutions and services. These include email, Internet, fax, Voice over IP (VoIP), SIP phone services and more. Available as an unlimited usage service plan with a fixed monthly charge, WITs MVSAT provides significant savings on communication costs.

enterprise satellite

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WIT has provided thousands of schools with broadband satellite internet that enables millions of students to explore the knowledge the web has to offer. Providing broadband connectivity to students rural, hard to reach locations can be a challenging task. WIT has committed and is delivering fair access e-Learning broadband internet solutions in remotest high schools in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

enterprise satellite

WIT is currently enabling schools and thousands of students around the Philippines to access the internet and other applications critical to the advancement of knowledge. Distance learning through our broadband satellite enables two way communications between a single professor in a University in the Philippines to thousands of students across the country.

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Growth in the countryside is imperative to national prosperity. WIT supports the development of the countryside by providing innovative solutions to broadband connectivity. Whether supporting internet kiosk and cafés to farm management and security, WIT delivers the same high speed internet connectivity as the country’s Central Business District.

With a system availability of over 99.8%, Like what we have delivered to hundreds of diving, tourism and businesses sites in the countryside, you can depend on our expertise to connect you. WIT likewise provides a turnkey hotel broadband and TV solutions to the hospitality industry. Integrating in-room accesswith wifi and wired services.

enterprise satellite

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WIT is committed to providing reliable, high resolution, real-time data and imagery through our weather satellite systems, software and services. We provide GOES, POES, MTSAT, LRIT and Multi Satellite systems.

This highly specialized technology centers on high performance system with built in receivers designed to both ingest and process data from GEOS and MTSAT satellites. Our standard MTSAT system is supplied with a specialized integrated feed with downconverter, and a 3.1 or 3.8 meter pointable fixed position satellite dish. Our popular multiuser SuperLooper animation and image processing software is included with the MTSAT Box. It is specifically designed to quickly and easily loop or animate a time lapse series of images.

enterprise satellite

The Rapid Visualization Tool (RVT) Workstation is a specialized 64 bit PC workstation running our powerful RVT software that utilizes advanced 3D technology to show you a photo-realistic Earth with real-time weather satellite data mapped on top of it. This photo-realistic Earth may be navigated around, as though you were the pilot of a spaceship - you may look at the Earth and the surrounding data from any perspective, controlling the position and altitude, and furthermore facing any compass direction or viewing the earth from any angle. In the RVT, the operator can change any combination of the viewing channel, position, altitude, direction, and angle, and these changes take effect virtually instantaneously.

The RVT allows users to animate data through time or space to fully observe and understand weather conditions. Time-lapse loop animations allow the operator to view the progression of weather systems. Traditional weather satellite systems limit you to only animating through time; the RVT also allows you to animate through space. Fly-throughs, or smooth animations through space, allow the user to rapidly view extended areas in a high degree of detail. The Slideshow mode of the RVT allows users to rapidly move through a sequence of their defined areas.

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WIT enables a range of cost effective broadband services tailored for retail business to facilitate reliable, secure credit and debit transactions, corporate intranet and inventory management regardless of the number of business sites connected to the WIT network.

Low operation const by delivering value added application such as Point of Sales, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and WIFI from a single network.

enterprise satellite

You may likewise retrieve transaction data from each business location, making daily sales and inventory polling easier.

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Satellite news gathering (SNG) is the use of mobile communications equipment for the purpose of worldwide newscasting. Mobile units are usually vans equipped with advanced, two-way audio and video transmitters and receivers, using dish antennas that can be aimed at geostationary satellites.

The earliest SNG equipment used analog modulation, similar to conventional television and radio. The technology first demonstrated its capability during the war between England and Argentina over the Falkland Islands in 1982. Analog SNG was used extensively during the Desert Shield and Desert Storm operations in the Persian Gulf. During the 1990s, digital modulation supplanted analog modulation, giving rise to the newer technology of digital satellite news gathering (DSNG).

A modern DSNG van is a sophisticated affair, capable of deployment practically anywhere in the civilized world. Signals are beamed between a geostationary satellite and the van, and between the satellite and a control room run by a broadcast station or network. In the most advanced systems, Internet Protocol (IP) is used. Broadcast engineers are currently working on designs for remotely controlled, robotic DSNG vehicles that can be teleoperated in hostile environments such as battle zones, deep space missions, and undersea explorations without endangering the lives of human operators.

source: https://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/definition/satellite-news-gathering

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Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. Renewable energy often provides energy in four important areas: electricity generation, air and water heating/cooling, transportation, and rural (off-grid) energy services.

Based on REN21's 2017 report, renewables contributed 19.3% to humans' global energy consumption and 24.5% to their generation of electricity in 2015 and 2016, respectively. This energy consumption is divided as 8.9% coming from traditional biomass, 4.2% as heat energy (modern biomass, geothermal and solar heat), 3.9% hydro electricity and 2.2% is electricity from wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass. Worldwide investments in renewable technologies amounted to more than US$286 billion in 2015, with countries such as China and the United States heavily investing in wind, hydro, solar and biofuels. Globally, there are an estimated 7.7 million jobs associated with the renewable energy industries, with solar photovoltaics being the largest renewable employer. As of 2015 worldwide, more than half of all new electricity capacity installed was renewable.

Renewable energy resources exist over wide geographical areas, in contrast to other energy sources, which are concentrated in a limited number of countries. Rapid deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency is resulting in significant energy security, climate change mitigation, and economic benefits. The results of a recent review of the literature concluded that as greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters begin to be held liable for damages resulting from GHG emissions resulting in climate change, a high value for liability mitigation would provide powerful incentives for deployment of renewable energy technologies. In international public opinion surveys there is strong support for promoting renewable sources such as solar power and wind power.

At the national level, at least 30 nations around the world already have renewable energy contributing more than 20 percent of energy supply. National renewable energy markets are projected to continue to grow strongly in the coming decade and beyond. Some places and at least two countries, Iceland and Norway generate all their electricity using renewable energy already, and many other countries have the set a goal to reach 100% renewable energy in the future. For example, in Denmark the government decided to switch the total energy supply (electricity, mobility and heating/cooling) to 100% renewable energy by 2050. At least 47 nations around the world already have over 50 percent of electricity from renewable resources, with Iceland generating all its electrical power from renewable energy though this does not include non-electrical energy (e.g. transport and heating).

While many renewable energy projects are large-scale, renewable technologies are also suited to rural and remote areas and developing countries, where energy is often crucial in human development. Former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that renewable energy has the ability to lift the poorest nations to new levels of prosperity. As most of renewables provide electricity, renewable energy deployment is often applied in conjunction with further electrification, which has several benefits: Electricity can be converted to heat (where necessary generating higher temperatures than fossil fuels), can be converted into mechanical energy with high efficiency and is clean at the point of consumption. In addition to that electrification with renewable energy is much more efficient and therefore leads to a significant reduction in primary energy requirements, because most renewables do not have a steam cycle with high losses (fossil power plants usually have losses of 40 to 65%).

Renewable energy systems are rapidly becoming more efficient and cheaper and their share of total energy consumption is increasing. Global installed electricity generating capacity in 2017 was 2.2 TW. Growth in consumption of coal and oil could end by 2020 due to increased uptake of renewables and natural gas.

soure: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renewable_energy

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